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Nilgiri – Bandarban

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Bandarban Hill View

Golden Mandir

Me@ Chimbuk Hill View

Golden Mandir


Nilgiri, Bandarban

Me @ Nilgiri

Spider Net

Cafeteria, Nilgiri


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Heaven in Bangladesh. Nilgiri, Bandarban

In Personal on November 17, 2009 at 5:38 am

Nil Giri is the highest hill resort of Bangladesh with amazing natural beauty. This Resort is located 47 km South-East of Bandarban town on Chimbuk Range at a height of 2400 feet from sea level. It has a high class residential accommodation that makes a difference. This beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintain by the Bangladesh Army.

You will be amazed when you see that the cloudy sky often kisses the peak of the hill. Gentle breeze was blowing down the hill side and thin clouds were hanging around on their way to casual fly. Dimmed through the clouds, silver moon light was rolling down the folds and slopes. It is Imagine the scene! Clouds are playing with you and you can touch them! This is the most attractive place of Bangladesh for those who love hills and clouds.

How to go:
It is 47 KM away from Bandarban. If you get on a Bus from Dhaka at around 10 o’clock you will reach Bandarban at dawn. For better freedom one can rent a microbus or car from Dhaka. To save time you can reach Cox’s Bazaar by air for onwards move to Nilgiri by bus or rent a car. You have to stay at Bandarban hotel and next day you can move to Nilgiri.

The accommodation in Nilgiri, in fact, makes its difference. Good hotels are there at Bandarban city too. Accommodation and food for 3 days will cost near tk 10000. Conveyance will depend on means you choose from tk 7000 minimum to maximum tk 11000 if you go by plane to Chittagong. Army man can get special priority for the lodge and cottages. But if it is not booked by any army and the lodge may vacant any day, you can reserve it. But it is so scarce happening. Most of the time Nilgiri remains booked. So try to contact the authority before three month to stay here. The tent is ready for you for short notice but you know it is a busy tourist’s spot. So book this before you get there.

Food Stuff:
Nilgiri is mainly a rest house. It has a clean and healthy restaurant. So don’t worry about stomach! Rice, beef, mutton are prepared in bamboo without water is really mouth-watering. Every meal cost is about 200-500 BDT. They can provide various types of taste food.

For Resevation:

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