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CSS3 Tutorials

In Web Portfolio on December 10, 2011 at 10:05 am

In this post we provide you with a great collection you can always turn back to; whether you’re a pro and haven’t seen that particular tutorial yet, or a beginner who has newly discovered their love for CSS3. Either way, please feel free to mention tutorials that were missed out and would like to share with others.

Awesome Cufonized Fly-out Menu with jQuery and CSS3
In this tutorial you can learn how to create a full page cufonized menu that has two nice features:

Subtle CSS3 Typography That You’d Swear was Made in Photoshop
Thanks to text shadows, outlines, transitions, and even text gradients, we can now create cool typography that you’d swear had to be made with a program like Photoshop. Nope, all CSS3 baby!

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu
Here is a simple CSS3 animated navigation menu, which degrades gracefully in older browsers and is future-proofed to work with the next generation of browsers:

CSS3 Background-Clip: Text
To carry out the DIN typeface, a transparent PNG with letters was used to achieve that subtle yellow to blue fade animation: Click on the image to read more:

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50+ Useful CSS Tools And Generators for Developers

In Web Portfolio on December 10, 2011 at 10:02 am

CSS Colors Tools

Color Scheme Designer
This tool provides colors in the form of a color wheel that offers mono, complement, traid, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic color variations in the percentage ratio; and it also highlights the same with the suitable scheme chosen.


Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator
It is a CSS gradient editor and generator that lets you create CSS gradients having cross-browser support.


CSS Color Codes
This tool offers two options for furnishing the hexadecimal and RGB color codes. You can pick the color from the color picker and then copy its hexadecimal value from the bottom field.


Colors Pallete Generator
This is a powerful tool that generates a color palette derived from the primary colors of the image that you upload. It is a useful tool for rapidly grabbing a particular color within an image for inspiration. With this, you can also generate Photoshop swatches and CSS styles.


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